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The Columbia International Festival showcases the music, culture, food and performing arts of the various cultures, nationalities, races and language groups represented in South Carolina. The event brings all of the area's international communities together to build better community/race relations between various ethnic/cultural/language groups and with the South Carolina community at large.

Recognized among the Top 20 Events in the 10-State Southeastern Region by the Southeastern Tourism Society in 1999, 2000.

•  The largest yearly international event in South Carolina and neighboring states.

•  An indoor event attended by 17,000 – 22,000 people in each year

Learn about the cultural heritages of more than 80 countries displayed by their foreign-born hosts through pictures, artifacts, and many other items.

International Food Court (Saturday & Sunday)

Sample the exotic flavors of foreign cuisines from around the world. You’ll come back for more!


Cultural Entertainment

Throughout each festival day, groups representing many countries will delight you with staged performances of their national dances.

International Fashion Show

Enjoy this show of the traditional costumes which uniquely garb people from around the world.  Saturday – 4 pm: Adult fashion show, Sunday – 4 pm: Children’s show.

International Bazaar

Shop the many booths for authentic clothing, crafts, jewelry, and souvenirs imported from around the world.


Cultural Demonstrations

Learn how to do something new, like origami, use chopsticks, write in another script, play other cultural games, say Hello, Thank You, Good-bye, or count in another language.

Parade of Nations

Traditionally dressed representatives from nearly 100 countries proudly present their home country’s flag at the 2 p.m. Saturday parade.

Global Education Day

Are you a teacher or school administrator? Invite your students to "travel the world in a day" during Global Education Day (Friday). Students can also compete for prizes in the CIF art contest. See details at The theme for 2020 is "Discovering India."



Taste the culinary richness of dozens of nations.....



See artifacts, curios, costumes and more from over 70 countries....



Learn about the variety of cultures that are represented.....

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