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*** Volunteers for the International Festival must be in high school or older.***

There are a variety of volunteer shifts available both before and during the festival. Volunteer shifts are usually four hours long. Those who sign up for volunteer shifts are required to stay for the full duration of their shift. If you have children and are signing up to volunteer, please DO NOT bring your children with you. Volunteers may pick up their $15 complimentary food tickets at the Volunteer Check-in Desk upon completion of their shift.

Before the Festival

All volunteers must be pre-approved. This includes giving us references, whom we will call (a good reference knows you well: e.g., a teacher, pastor, or colleague). Volunteers must also attend a meeting before the festival; we'll email details to you. At the meeting, you'll learn what volunteers do and where volunteers can park.

All volunteers need to check in 15 minutes before the start of their shift at the Volunteer Check-in Desk located in the Cantey or Goodman Building Office. At that time you will receive your "volunteer T-Shirt" (while supplies last) and assignment. Volunteers who check in late may not be guaranteed their requested volunteer assignment.

Our Volunteer Coordination team works tirelessly to organize all aspects of the Volunteer portion of the Festival. Please be respectful to them.

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