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ABOUT GlobalEd Day
2020 GlobalEd GED postcard-4C-2019Sep26.

Global Education Day - Up to 3,000 school children from all across the state will attend this one-day educational event on April 3rd, 2020.


Global Education Day (GED) is the kickoff event for the three-day Festival. It is set aside especially for school children during the Columbia International Festival to educate them about the variety of cultures that are represented in South Carolina. Students of all levels are invited to attend GED but those students in grades 3-10 will likely benefit the most from the experience.


Incorporating both fun and learning, GlobalEd Day gives educators and parents an opportunity to open the eyes of their students, not only to the richness of our world but also to the ethnic diversity of South Carolina and to the positive contributions being made by foreign-born citizens. This one-day event focuses on supporting South Carolina’s educational standards in Social Studies, World Languages and the Arts.


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