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Welcome to the Annual Columbia International Festival! I am thrilled that you have come to see, taste, and enjoy all that makes our region truly an international one. Here you have the opportunity to visit about 80 national exhibits, sample cuisine from around the world, buy imported gifts and souvenirs in our International Bazaar, and much, much more. The colorful Parade of Nations will display the flags of about 100 countries. A fashion show will dazzle you with the traditional clothing of many lands. You can also meet people who provide services to our new international neighbors. 

I am especially grateful to the members of the International Festival Volunteer Committee who have put in countless hours of hard work to make this event possible. Let’s celebrate the rich cultural and national diversity that exists in our midst! I hope you have a great time as you “see, taste, and experience the world” at the Columbia International Festival!

Raj Aluri, Ed.D.

Festival Director

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