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CULTURAL PERFORMANCES:                           

Atlanta Chinese Dance Company - Taiwan                

Bangladesh Community of SC - Bangladesh              

Bollywood Dance Dreamers - India                       


Fil-Am Assoc. of Greater Columbia - Philippines

Recuerdos De Me Panama - Panama

Latin Heritage Dance Company - Mexico & Spain





Legacy Martial Arts - South Korea

SC Drum Dance Group and Sunshine Arts Troup - China

Taiji - China





Thai Dance and Meuy Thai - Thailand

Walhalla Bavarian Dancers - Germany & Austria

Yim's Tiger TaeKwonDo - South Korea

and more...

Where can you go see several different live International dances performed by natives of the country the dance is from? RIGHT HERE!! We bring the culture to you through music and dance on stage, with a flare. The vibrant and authentic outfits displayed during each performance will have you captivated.

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